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The Cleaner Kim Fields Celebrity Fakes

Kim Fields is an actress that starred in movies such as “The Cleaner” (1 episode, 2008), “Eve” (1 episode, 2006), “Bow” (2005), “The Division” (2 episodes, 2004) and “The Facts of Life Reunion” (2001). In the first fake nude photo, she is seen with her beautiful butt being penetrated by big long dick between her butt cheeks. She smiles with a big wide smile and shows off her white teeth. She squints in a sexy way with her eyes. Beautiful black hair falls down on her shoulders and back. At the same time while she is sitting on his big long dick, she takes the cock of another man and strokes the dick close to her sexy tits. She has a black bush of hair above her pussy. In another fake naked photo, she has some really sexy big tits with perky nipples. She is sitting down with her ass on a soft bed and she spreads her sexy long legs high up in the air and waves them around. She has a look on her face like she wants to get fucked hardcore by dick between her gorgeous slender legs. In another fake image, Kim Fields is posing outside with her tits pulled out.

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