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America’s sweetheart? Sandra Bullock fakes show her nasty side 3-9-11

Sandra Bullock may have the reputation of being America’s Sweetheart, but these slutty fake photos of her show the wild side that’s thriving underneath the façade of being a pure, chaste woman.

Sandra may have been the one who got cheated on by her sleazy ex-husband, but she knows how to party just as much as she did and it seems like she’s not wasting time moping at home and pining for her former husband.  They say the best revenge is living well and Sandra Bullock sure seems to be living it up in these fake photos, taking on a stiff, thick dick in her mouth while riding another one and letting that lucky stud feel how tight and sexy her snug pussy is.  And with a third man loosening up Sandra’s asshole by shoving a bottle into it, you just know she’s getting fucked there next.

That’s quite a party for this supposedly sweet Oscar winner to be attending and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Sandra Bullock seems like quite the insatiable whore in these photos and we love her for it.  She’s always horny and always looking for more guys to come on over and whip out their dicks for her to enjoy.  That’s how she’s going to stick it to her ex-husband.  She’s going to let all his buddies and more have a go at her pussy and ass and fuck her good so he can see all he’s missing.

Who wouldn’t want a crack at Sandra Bullock’s award winning pussy?  Her cunt and ass are open for business here as she bends over and spreads herself open, showing you the tightness of her slit and how wet and horny she is for you.  This is one serious nympho and you know you want to oblige her.  After all it would be rude to not give America’s Sweetheart the cock she craves.

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