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Stephanie McMahon fakes reveal the wild side of the Billion Dollar Princess 4-1-11

During the heyday of the Attitude Era on WWE programming, Stephanie McMahon was called a slut and a ho so many times that it was practically part of her name.  And after checking out these slutty, sleazy fakes of the “billion dollar princess”, we’re hard pressed to disagree with the assessment.

Stephanie definitely looks like a ho here, getting nude and rude in these fakes.  She may be the bosses’ daughter in WWE but she doesn’t act like some chaste little rich girl.  In these fakes, Stephanie is acting every bit as slutty as her reputation made her out to be.  She’s sucking cock and getting fucked and even working her tongue over the sweet pussies of the Divas working for her daddy’s company.  It looks as though there are a lot of perks to being Vince McMahon’s daughter.

And with Wrestlemania just two days away, Sunday night on pay per view live from the Georgia Dome, we at the Lair of Lux Lucre (no, not Lex Luger, wrestling fans) wanted to turn the spotlight on Stephanie McMahon.  She’s a business woman now, helping to run the company and married to the mighty Triple H, but she’ll always be a dirty slut to us thanks to these filthy, fun fakes of her getting nasty.

Stephanie McMahon has such giant fake tits and she’s eagerly letting them be fucked by a big, fat cock.  Those huge tits look so good wrapped around a big dick just like it does when she gets a cock in her slutty rich girl mouth.  But Stephanie doesn’t stop there…not when she can have three cocks instead of just one.  This spoiled brat demands getting fucked in all three of her holes, having her mouth fed cock while another guy is fucking her slutty cunt and still another is taking her billion dollar brat ass.

But Stephanie isn’t all about cock.  She loves pussy too and with so many hot girls wanting to work for WWE, Stephanie makes sure they know what’s required of them first.  In this slutty lesbo fake, when high flying Lita wanted to be a WWE Diva, Stephanie made sure she put out first, getting the horny redhead into a 69 so they could lap at each other’s wet pussies first and Stephanie made sure Lita had what it took to be a Diva.

Because when Stephanie McMahon tells you to fuck her you’d better damn well do it.  This rich girl knows what she wants and how to get it.

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