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Nude fakes of Trish Stratus celebrate her return to WWE 4-3-11

Trish Stratus personifies perfectly what being a WWE Diva is all about.  She’s got strength, courage and, as these fake photos of her clearly show, she’s got an amazing body that’s eager to be fucked.  And that’s what we love about our Divas.

Trish is back in the WWE fold after her 2006 retirement.  She’s going to be a trainer on the new Tough Enough premiering tomorrow night on the USA Channel and tonight at Wrestlemania she’s in her return match to the company.  She’s still got the wrestling moves and she’s still got that awesome body that made us all into such fans of hers during her heyday.  And while Trish never got naked for us in all her Diva and fitness model days, these fakes show off her naughty,  nude body to great effect, showing us her juicy, muscular ass and those spectacularly big, fake tits of hers that made every man who watched her in the ring stand up in attention because of her.

Because she started out as a model before becoming a Diva, Trish Stratus knows how to do a sexy pose and these fakes of her modeling naked are nothing if not sexy, showing off her big tits and her wet, tight little pussy.  She shows us everything we’ve been dying to see and these fakes show off a lucky guy who gets to fuck her pussy.  Trish gives it all up in these fakes, lying back and letting herself take that big dick in her tight hole, wanting to get it wet enough with her pussy juice so she can get her ass stuffed next.

These fakes even show how Trish got her job in WWE.  She got it the same way Lita did, by letting the bosses daughter, Stephanie McMahon fuck them.  But since she was sharing a locker room with other hot, sexy women, Trish certainly didn’t mind letting Stephanie tongue fuck her.  She loved it and was eager to return the favor to Stephanie and all the other Divas in the shower after a show.

Trish Stratus is back in WWE and we couldn’t be happier.  So we’re celebrating by watching her at Wrestlemania tonight and enjoying these fakes of her that will surely bring much “Stratusfaction” to everyone.

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