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Gabrielle Union fakes reveal her interracial cravings 4-26-11

Gabrielle Union has always made it a point to never go naked on camera, citing her strong moral beliefs.  But today those moral beliefs and all her inhibitions are thrown out because these fakes expose a side of Gabrielle that people can only hope exists…the side that craves cocks and is always ready to get raunchy for her fans.

When people usually think about interracial sex, they tend to picture big black dicks being slammed into the willing holes of horny white girls.  And we’ve got plenty of that here, but in Gabrielle’s case she loves to reverse that equation and give some horny white boys the chance to taste the brown sugar of her sweet, hot pussy as she fucks their tongues and their cocks.

These fakes show a lot of Gabrielle Union enjoying some big white boy cocks.  She can’t get enough of them it seems.  If these fakes are to be believed, she loves to break the taboo of interracial sex and remind everyone out there that while they might love to see black guys fucking famous white girls, it’s just as much fun to turn it around and make sure her tight, wet black pussy gets filled with pink cock as she implores those white boys to fuck her harder and deeper and give it to her slutty hole good.  Gabrielle might act like a good girl most of the time, but in these fakes she’s going wild and letting her nasty side take over.

Gabrielle Union also lets us see that she’s not just into white guys.  Mmmmm she loves to fuck white girls too. Check her out this fake of her getting her tight black pussy fucked good by a redhead slut.  Ooooh that girl is lucky.  Gabrielle has worked with a lot of hot girls over the years like Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku and Julia Stiles and Kelly Hu and you have to wonder how many of those girls she invited into her bed to suck their pussies and let them tongue fuck hers.   How many of them do you think she’s fucked?  We think all of them…even getting all of them together for one big, hot multi-racial orgy.  But that’s just us speculating.

If we ever get the fakes to turn those fantasies into reality we will definitely let you know.  There’s few things we enjoy more here at the Lair of Lux Lucre than letting people see a nastier side of their favorite good girls and you’d better believe the more slutty fakes we can show of Gabrielle Union, the better.

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