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Shania Twain exposes her nasty side in forbidden fake photos 5-18-11

Unlike other music stars that seem to live in front of the spotlight and will do anything, no matter how wild, to keep all eyes on them, Shania Twain has always been quiet and reserved. But they’ve always said it’s the quietest ones who can be the dirtiest, and these fakes of sexy Shania sure seem to make that case.

This down home Canadian beauty who climbed to the top of the country charts and then took pop music by storm is showing off a nasty side she never has before in these wicked fake photos of her.  Just check out Shania bent over the table with her pants and panties off, showing us not only the soft curves of her ass, but also her wet pussy from behind, her slit aroused and ready for someone to come up behind her and fuck her.  But if you’re dying to check out Shania Twain’s naked tits, then just look a few photos over to see the hot fake of her out in the hot sun in her jeep with her shirt pulled up and her pants undone.  What’s she about to do next?  We can’t say for sure, but we’re sure your imaginations will fill in the blanks.

And oh my, it sure looks like someone broke into Shania’s secret files and found some photos she didn’t want anyone to see.  We can only assume from these fakes that Shania Twain has been a very, very naughty girl by recording herself having sex with some random stud.  Who is he?  A fan?  A waiter at her favorite restaurant?  The FedEx guy?  Who cares.  Shana sure doesn’t.  All she’s concerned with is getting his big cock shoved right into her pussy as she takes him in several positions, riding his cock and then getting on her side for him to do her from behind.

We just hope those photos don’t fall into the wrong hands.   That could be disastrous for Shania’s career.  But we at the Lair of Lux Lucre would never tell a soul, just like we would certainly never spill the beans about Shania Twain having naughty lesbian sex with her good friend Faith Hill.  Faith is supposed to be a loyal, married woman, but she obviously can’t resist the sweetness of her friend’s pussy.   Shania makes her feel so good and Faith is sure smiling as Shania presses her fingers to her pussy and slides them inside to get her even wetter for her tongue to lick up.

Shania Twain always seemed like such a good woman, quiet and restrained.  But these fakes claim otherwise. What’s the truth here?  We don’t know.  But we sure know what we wish was true.

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