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Carrie Underwood goes hardcore country with her dirty fake photos 6-11-11

When she won American Idol, Carrie Underwood stole a lot of hearts.  She seemed like the All-American girl.  She was sweetness and sunshine and down home country heart.  But when she made her first hit song about the righteous rage of revenge against a cheating boyfriend she showed her dark side and in these fakes she’s definitely exposing a naughty side that makes us question how good this “girl next door” really is.

Of course if Carrie would rather be bad then we are certainly not going to talk her out of it.  In fact we want to encourage her to go wild and let go of her inhibitions because she looks volcanically hot in these fakes.  For someone who is supposed to be so sweet and innocent, Carrie Underwood is all kinds of nasty in these fake photos, letting everyone see her naked body and then showing off how much she loves to get fucked right up her tight little asshole.

Who would think someone like Carrie Underwood would be so into assfucking?  She sure looks like she does in these fakes.  With her dazzling smile on full blast in one fake, Carrie is taking it from behind and getting a cock up her ass for her troubles.  And it sure looks like she loves it there, just like she does when she’s fucking a black dude and letting that steel rod of his shove into her puckered asshole.  That would certainly be frowned upon in Nashville, but we encourage that behavior in the Lair.

Carrie even shows herself to be someone who likes some raunchy group action.  How else do you explain the fake of her in a foursome with two guys and country superstar Martina McBride?  They’ve each got one guy to themselves and both of these hotties are getting their country star asses stretched by a big cock inside them.  That’s nasty action right there and we certainly hope that both girls go ass to mouth on the guys fucking them with a little switch so Carrie can taste Martina’s ass all over a hard cock and Martina can taste Carrie’s sweet country girl asshole.  And naturally they’d need to kiss after that and then fuck each other in a nasty lesbian coupling to get the guys hard again but that goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Do these fakes show the real Carrie Underwood?  That’s for you to decide, but one thing is certain and that’s that she looks amazing here and that the people who check these fakes out are sure going to be doing some real wishing tonight that they were real.

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