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Julia Louis Dreyfus fakes are definitely sponge worthy 9-6-11

For years Julia Louis Dreyfus has been showing herself off as the sex queen of the sitcom.  From Seinfeld to The New Adventures of Old Christine, few women have been as consistently hot as Julia has been.  But today the Lair of Lux Lucre takes it to the extreme with this brunette beauty by revealing fake nude photos of her and making sure everyone sees what a slut she can be.

For anyone who ever watched Seinfeld and imagined that Elaine had to be a hot fuck, then these fakes are a dream come true for you.  Not only is Julia Louis Dreyfus naked in them but she gets her pussy and her ass fucked and you get to imagine how nice her big tits would look as she’s taking cock doggie style, having it thrust into her from behind as she begs for more.  That’s not anything they could show you on NBC, but its par for the course here at the Lair.  Julia is long overdue for an appearance here and now her fans get to see how good she’d look if she ever really did get naked for them.

Julia Louis Dreyfus really does look like a slut in these doctored photos.  They’re so good that it will make people wish these fakes were real, but at least it gives them a real chance to fantasize about this sitcom slut and dream of being the one to fuck her from behind and fill her tight MILF cunt up.  Or perhaps you can instead dream about being the one in the fake filling up Julia’s ass, fucking her tightest hole while you play with her pierced nipples and pierced belly as she shows herself to be more of a whore than you could ever dream of.

Julia also exposes a lesbian longing in these fakes.  If only it were true that sexy British nude model and designer Penny Lancaster could get naked with Julia Louis Dreyfus and fuck her with a pussy hungry fervor.  But alas it’s just our imaginations that will have to suffice as we stare at these great fakes of Julia acting like she’s starving for both cock and cunt.

Soon Julia Louis Dreyfus will be back in a new comedy, playing the vice president of the United States in a new HBO show.  But while we’ll be watching, it won’t be as fun as checking out all these fakes of her here in and in the Celebrity Pass archives.  That’s the kind of hot, naked action we want to see in her new show.

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