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Nude fakes of Julia Stiles expose a classy girl gone wild 10-6-11

Julia Stiles has always had a very classy beauty, bordering on the regal.  But classy can only take you so far and that’s why we’ve taken this brainy, sexy girl and given her a makeover Lux Lucre style.  No longer will she be hiding her body from us.  We’re going to instead see fake photos of her naked from head to toe and showing how she can be as horny as the depraved fans jacking off to her nude.

With her classy demeanor, it’s no wonder Julia played a princess to be in a Disney movie and has mostly put herself in intellectually challenging and well-acted pieces. Her indulgence seemed to have been the action packed Jason Bourne trilogy but even that was a heady pursuit.  But here at the Lair of Lux Lucre we like things a little less heady and little more of girls actually giving head.  So we got to work and came up with nasty fake photos of sexy blonde Julia Stiles sucking cock.  She sure looks like she loves it too as she takes that meat into her mouth and sucks it down like the horny girl we always imagined she could be.

And one cock isn’t going to be enough with this newly rechristened whore.  While we love to see Julia getting her tight pussy fucked, it’s even hotter to see this supposedly classy girl with her hands on two big, black cocks.  Julia Stiles giving handjobs to horny fans is the kind of thing we would never expect to see but this fake makes it a lovely illusion as she jacks off those thick cocks like a horny little slut eager for loads to be shot on her face and in her mouth.

Obviously Julia likes things in threes, because not only has she cooked herself up a threesome with that horny fake, but she’s also exploring her lesbian side in another naughty fake photo.  And just like she has two hard cocks to play with in the first one, Julia has two hot women to lick her wet pussy.  Now that’s a threesome we’d love to see!  Three wet pussies and three sets of hot tits and three amazing asses.  She has a lot to enjoy and it’s so hot to look at those two mouths lunging into get at Julia Stiles’ pussy and lick her into a cummy frenzy.  That’s wonderful fake photo work, especially since it’s so easy to look at it and imagine she’s having the time of her life from the double licking by naughty girl tongues.

The Lair of Lux Lucre specializes in providing what you wouldn’t normally see elsewhere.  Julia Stiles is a slut in our fakes and she’s too classy in reality.  Which just proves that the Lair is far more fun than reality could ever hope to be.

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