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Rachel Ray is cooking up fake naked pictures of herself and they’re surely ‘Yum-o!’ 11-26-11

Something’s cooking in Rachel Ray’s kitchen today but it’s not fresh baked goods or an easy recipe for chicken.  Instead it’s this talk show host’s slutty side that’s piping hot and ready to be served up.  We take this perpetually perky morning queen and give her a naughty attitude change by showing off these fake photos and making it seem like she’s more concerned with her own muffin than anything she’s got baking.

If you’ve ever seen Rachel’s show, think a far peppier and definitely not as New England snobby kind of Martha Stewart.  And while we admit that at the Lair of Lux Lucre we don’t often see Rachel’s show since we like to sleep in and can only handle so much perky enthusiasm in the morning, these fakes might tempt us into changing our sleeping habits.  We love the shot of her naked in the kitchen with her hot tits peeking out of her apron.  If she really did her show like that, she’d have a lot more male viewers…but that’s only part of what’s on the menu today.

To truly make naked Rachel Ray into the hot slut we dream about her being, we’ve got to break out our hottest, filthiest fake photos.  And we do just that.  Just like Rachel always brings her enthusiasm to her show, we bring the same energy to these fakes, showing how good this perky princess would look getting pounded doggie style.  She’s still got that super happy smile on her face as she’s being fucked and it can be no surprise since with all her energy, she no doubt craves a good fucking to take some of the edge off.

But that’s only an appetizer before we get to the main course of these nasty, nude Rachel Ray fakes.  Look at how good she looks in this one of her taking two cocks at the same time.  This fake photo turns her into a gangbanged slut, taking cock in her cunt at the same time she’s riding another one and it’s going right up her tight ass.  And since she’s wearing nothing but black sheer stockings, we know our loyal Lux Lucre stocking fans are going to get extra hard for this one.

And we top off this menu today with the perfect dessert…Rachel Ray with cum on her face.  After showing her talents are just as good at giving blowjobs as she is with kitchen tips, Rachel takes a hot load to her pretty, perky face in our nastiest fake photo.  Something’s cooking all right and it’s a desire to see a lot more of these nasty fakes in our archives and savor every bit of this slutty meal.

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