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Geeks of the world delight! The Lair unleashes fake, naked Felecia Day pictures! 1-12-12

It might cause a simultaneous nerd-gasm around the world when we announce this, but prepare to cum in your pants geeks because today The Lair of Lux Lucre has Felicia Day naked.  This Joss Whedon favorite, who has been in everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dollhouse to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, is true geek royalty.  And today these fakes are going to give her fans a chance to see her like they’ve never seen her before, in all sorts of kinky poses.

Since Felecia has never been kind enough to grace us with a proper nude scene, we’ve had to imagine her sexy body exposed for us.  Well imagine no further because the fake pictures we have today will put Felicia Day’s tits and pussy on full display for all her horny fans to see.  With her comic book fandom and smart choice in projects, Felecia is one of the originators of “geek girl chic”, which has earned her fans all over the world who love her pale skin and nerdish leanings.  They’re going to love her even more when they see how slutty she can get in these fakes.

Felicia Day’s red hair only makes her sexier and one of the reasons we love her so here.  But we love her even more when she’s slinging her legs open and exposing her tight little pussy, showing off how much she seems to want to have it licked and fucked.  She’s not just showing off here, she’s getting some seriously sexy action in these fakes, taking one not just one men…and not just two…but three!!! For those who don’t think it’s kinky enough to have Felecia in an interracial fuck picture, there’s one where we can easily imagine her showing some very personal love to her fans.

We’re sure more than a few of her horny fans have dreamed of fucking Felicia Day.  In this fake she’s taking on one cock by riding it and getting the other two in her hot little hands.  It’s a slutty way to treat this geek goddess and we’re sure many pants will be stained by her fans once they get a look at it.  The Lair of Lux Lucre is perfect for a woman like Felecia and we know that’s why so many people keep coming back here for more.

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