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Emma Roberts’ family ties give her a boost, but it’s her fake nude pictures that make her a star 3-25-13

It’s not easy to be related to Hollywood royalty. When they find out you have a shared last name with one of the most famous and decorated actresses in Hollywood, you must get tired of going “Yes, she’s my aunt.” But these fake Emma Roberts nude pictures show that while she might not be as famous as her aunt Julia, Emma is actually the far sexier one of the bunch and it’s not just that she’s younger. She has one smoking, tight body and a deceptively innocent face to go with it and in these fake pictures you can see all of that and a lot more.

Now it’s not as though Emma is in some kind of obscurity or something. She’s carved out quite a nice career for herself as the original teen snoop detective in Nancy Drew to a rather “killer” performance in Scream 4. And there’s a whole lot of projects for her in the can already. So it’s not like she’s wandering around Hollywood with a sign that says “Please hire me! I’m Julia Roberts’ niece!” But we can do better than having her be the second most famous Roberts, because she deserves it and in these Emma Roberts naked fake pictures you can see why. She’s got everything she needs to take Hollywood by storm.

So yes indeed, these Emma Roberts fake nude pictures prove that Julia has the Oscar, but Emma has the looks. Now that’s nothing against Julia who is always welcome here in the Lair but the truth is the line of fans who would love to fuck every sexy hole on Emma’s body would be a lot longer than hers and that’s demonstrated in the comparative quality of the fakes between the two women. Just check them both out here by peeking into our Celebrity Pass archives. She looks so good with cum blasted all over her pretty face, especially when her white skin is getting soaked by a big, black cock and that’s just a bit of the depravity we have here for Emma.

There’s so much going on with this girl and we have the pictures to prove it, especially the fakes that show just what a good little porno slut Emma would make if she decided to embrace a new XXX career. She’s talented and pretty and oh so fuckable and we love showing her off in these pictures for everyone to see. After all, beauty like this should be put out there for everyone to enjoy.

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