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Alicia Keys fake nudes hit all the right notes as we see her talent goes beyond her music 12-11-12

It’s a sad truth that sometimes we can have a bit of tunnel vision and only be focused on those that get the most publicity, meaning those that don’t court the spotlight might get pushed to the side. So we are here to remind all of you that when it comes to gorgeous African American women who happen ...

Alicia Keys is here to bring some needed diversity to Lux Lucre and she’s brought a lot of friends with her! 6-15-12

Now one thing we never like to hear is that the Lair of Lux Lucre is too lily white. We love sexy, slutty white girls but we’re absolutely the kind of people who savor every color on the sexual rainbow.  Latinas, black girls, Asian girls and every kind of girls are always welcome here and we take ...
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