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Jessica Simpson nudes look better than ever and our fakes sizzle with her busty goodness! 11-13-12

The Lair of Lux Lucre and its visitors is getting pretty dang sick of all of the discussion about Jessica Simpson’s weight! And fortunately that appears to have died down now that she’s out there looking great. But even if she was carrying a few extra pounds, Lux Lucre happens to believe that just ...

Jessica Simpsons’ huge tits are flaunted here in this nasty, forbidden fake nude collection 12-19-11

There’s a lot we’re willing to overlook in a girl if she’s hot enough.  Apparently having cottage cheese for brains is one of them because we don’t care if Jessica Simpson is the kind of bimbo that creates a thousand “dumb blonde” jokes each time she opens her mouth.  All we care about ...

Ditzy blonde Jessica Simpson unleashes her huge tits and her kinky side in forbidden fakes 5-12-11

She’s our favorite blonde ditz of all time and when she goes out and strips naked and not only exposes her huge tits but makes sure we see that she can get much sluttier and nastier than we ever would have thought possible, we’re sure that Jessica Simpson will be your favorite again too. more…  Read More →
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