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Bad girl booty! We’ve got fakes of Kim Kardashian nude and very, very lewd! 2-13-13

Yesterday we talked about how much we love naughty bad girls who love to flaunt their bodies and court controversy. And since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and it’s all about being with the ones you love, how about we spread the love to some more bad girls? How about we give it out to these Kim Kardashian ...

Nikki Minaj always knows how to create a stir and this time her fake nudes will do it, in your pants! 3-24-12

Now around here in the Lair of Lux Lucre we’re not going to pretend that we know a whole hell of a lot about music.  We like what we like and we don’t really spend a whole lot of time wondering why we do like it.  We’re more in the business of bringing you fake nude celebrity pictures.  But ...

Jennifer Lopez sex fakes show off that big booty of hers and a whole lot more 9-27-11

Jennifer Lopez is back!  Her career is finally cooking again thanks to her stint on American Idol as one of the judges.  And as she judges who had the best voice and the best presence, we were busy judging JLo’s awesome booty and hot tits and deemed her more than worthy of coming into the Lair for ...

Big titted Raven Symone fakes are perfect for her new show ‘That’s So Slutty!’ 9-20-11

Before anyone had heard of Miley Cyrus, Raven Symone was the queen of the Disney Channel and while she’s been grown up and running free of the Mouse House for a while now, it’s always good to check in on her and see how good she looks.  That’s especially true when we’re checking her out in fake ...

Kim Kardashian fakes go further than even her sex tape does 3-22-11

When you get famous for making a sex tape and then attach yourself to every project you can find and show up all glamorous whenever you see the lights of a camera you wouldn’t think there’d be much more of Kim Kardashian to expose.  But you would be wrong. more…  Read More →

Jennifer Love Hewitt takes it all off for naughty fake photos 3-14-11

Jennifer Love Hewitt is supposed to be such a good girl.  She’s always acted so sweet and sunny and never done anything naughty like pose nude.  But in these slutty fakes of this big titted actress, we get to see a whole new side of her. more…  Read More →
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