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Billie Piper fake nude pictures show why Doctor Who is still a delight after all these years and all these companions 4-8-13

There’s always a lot of people buzzing on the Internet about Doctor Who and we can’t say we blame them. After all we can be just as guilty because here at the Lair as much as we love our nude celebrity fake pictures we also love good, witty science fiction. And the good Doctor has that in spades. ...

Billie Piper fake nude pictures show the ‘Secret Diary’ of one of our favorite sluts 11-12-11

There are some who love Billie Piper best as a prostitute with a wry look at the world in the Showtime series The Secret Diary of a Call Girl and there are those who will always remember her best as the good doctor’s sexy companion Rose Tyler on Dr. Who. And there are even those who know her for being ...
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