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It’s awfully “smart” to check out these sexy Amy Smart fake nude pictures 3-29-14

You know what’s fun? Seeing a woman you hadn’t encountered in a while and being emphatically reminded just how hot she is. In the celebrity game we see that a lot where someone slips off the radar and then jumps back in and makes damn sure you notice that not only does she still have it, but she ...

Nude Carmen Electra might not be a surprise, but the extra fake nastiness of these photos will be! 2-27-12

Ok lair visitors, listen up!  Now chances are that before today you’ve seen gorgeous Carmen Electra nude?  She seems to drop her clothes and show off those huge, wonderful tits of hers whenever she gets the chance!  But have you ever seen her nasty like this?  We don’t think so and that’s why ...

Nude, naughty fakes of Amy Smart are quite brilliant 7-18-11

Amy Smart is looking mighty smart in these fakes.  Smart and sexy are two of our favorite features in a woman and she’s got that going on and then some in these fakes.  She’s shown off her lean, lovely body in movies before, but never like this and giving her fans a real treat by doing it. more…  Read More →
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