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The time is now…after counting down from 100 we have reached #1 and it’s sexy Victoria Justice that rules them all! 10-24-12

Can we really be here already?  How can we possibly be at number one?  Weren’t we just doing #100?  Weren’t we just starting off listing the winners who made it onto this global list of the 100 sexiest celebrities?  Have we really criss crossed the globe looking for the very sexiest in celebrity ...

At #13, it’s no bad luck that we get to see Victorious’ Elizabeth Gillies naked. It’s the very best of luck indeed! 10-12-12

One thing we don’t have enough at in the Lair of Lux Lucre is on display here today in the Lair of Lux Lucre. No, not sexy nude teens.  We have plenty of that here and thank goodness for that.  No what we’re talking about is hot, naughty goth girls.  There’s a huge subset of porn out there which ...
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