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Emma Roberts’ family ties give her a boost, but it’s her fake nude pictures that make her a star 3-25-13

It’s not easy to be related to Hollywood royalty. When they find out you have a shared last name with one of the most famous and decorated actresses in Hollywood, you must get tired of going “Yes, she’s my aunt.” But these fake Emma Roberts nude pictures show that while she might not be as famous ...

Budding starlet Emma Roberts loses her clothes, but not her heat in naked fake collection! 2-8-12

Without getting into spoilers, let’s just say that Emma Roberts gave one hell of a “killer” performance in last year’s Scream 4.  But we’re not really into knives around here.  The Lair is a violence free zone.  We’re all about the love!  And we love these sexy, slutty fake nudes of this ...

Emma Roberts is following in her famous Aunt’s footsteps, but these fakes show she’s the sexiest in the family 5-19-11

Emma Roberts is a rising star in Hollywood looking to follow in the footsteps of her Oscar winning Aunt Julia.  But already we can see that Emma has outpaces her famous aunt in the sexiness department, showing off a raunchy side in these fakes that show she has what it takes to make it in Hollywood ...
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