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We like seeing Eva Longoria naked! Do we need a better reason to post her fake pics? Nope! 1-19-13

We’ve been trying things in a bit of a new way here lately in the Lair of Lux Lucre if you haven’t noticed. We’ve been trying to show off sexy nude celebrity fake pictures of women who are either in the news or are trying to promote a movie or a television show. We figured that this was a chance ...

Teri Hatcher fake nudes expose the Desperate Housewives scenes you were never meant to see 1-8-12

Teri Hatcher’s tits might be real and spectacular (thanks Seinfeld) but these photos are fake and STILL spectacular. Because while Teri might have great tits, she doesn’t flaunt them in an appropriately sexy enough way as far as we’re concerned at the Lair of Lux Lucre. Fortunately that’s nothing ...

Checking in on Eva Longoria shows her fakes are still sizzling 9-9-11

A few months back, the Lair of Lux Lucre checked in on Desperate Housewives hottie Eva Longoria to see how she was doing after her divorce from basketball star Tony Parker.  She looked just fine in a series of fakes with her sucking and fucking her way through Hollywood.  Now today we find more fakes ...

Eva Longoria post-divorce fakes show she has no time for heartbreak with all the fucking she’s doing 4-11-11

Eva Longoria is far from a Desperate Housewife in these slutty fake photos.  In fact she looks to be extremely happy and horny from how she’s able to get her fuck on with ease. more…  Read More →
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