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The Mentalist’s Robin Tunney fake nude pictures shows how she can liven up a dull show 4-10-13

Ok we’re not exactly the target audience for The Mentalist around here. The CBS cop show about a brilliant detective who pretends to be a psychic is really more for people a little bit older than those of us who hang around the Lair of Lux Lucre. It’s a big ratings hit but it doesn’t really have ...

Evangeline Lilly might once have been ‘Lost’ but her nude fake pictures are now definitely ‘found’! 2-17-12

Know why we can’t wait to see the new two-part movie adaptation of The Hobbit?  It’s not just that we love Hobbits and walking long distances on great quests and are suckers for any adventures involving dragons (even though we totally are).  It’s also because sexy Evangeline Lilly will be in ...

Megan Fox fakes reveal her love for the ladies 8-25-11

It’s never been a secret that Megan Fox loves to lick pussy.  She’s practically shouted it from the rooftops and she’s certainly openly discussed it during interviews when she talks about the hot women she wants to fuck.  But in the Lair of Lux Lucre we want to put pictures to those words and ...

Evangeline Lilly naked, nasty fakes are so hot they make being stranded with her totally worth it 5-26-11

We could make some kind of joke here about how Evangeline Lilly appears to have ‘Lost’ her clothes and all her inhibitions, but it’s sure not a joke because of how amazing this Canadian cutie’s body looks completely exposed in this series of naughty fake photos. more…  Read More →
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