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Olivia Wilde fake nudes are so hot we want to strangle a mountain ox 10-12-11

How hot is Olivia Wilde?  Hot enough that no less than an authority of sexiness than the scorching Megan Fox once declared that she wanted to fuck her and that she was so sexy she made her “want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands.”  That’s a true albeit strange quote but when you see ...

All hail the sexiest queen of pop! Britney Spears fake nudes are as hot and slutty as ever 9-23-11

Yesterday the Lair of Lux Lucre welcomed in a wannabe pop star so today we’re going to make sure you get the real thing and see her at her hottest and sluttiest.  There is only one Britney Spears.  Many have imitated, but no one has ever duplicated and when you get a look at how sexy she is in all ...

Nasty, nude fakes of Nicole Scherzinger definitely have the ‘X Factor’ 8-28-11

As one of the judges for the heavily hyped X Factor that premieres this fall, we’re going to be seeing a lot of former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.  But if you want to see even more, then you have to step inside the Lair of Lux Lucre to get a look at her slutty naked body getting put to work ...

Eva Longoria post-divorce fakes show she has no time for heartbreak with all the fucking she’s doing 4-11-11

Eva Longoria is far from a Desperate Housewife in these slutty fake photos.  In fact she looks to be extremely happy and horny from how she’s able to get her fuck on with ease. more…  Read More →

Tina Fey fakes show the slutty side of television’s hottest nerd 4-10-11

One of the hallmarks of Tina Fey’s comedy is that she likes to pretend she’s not hot.  Well Ms. Fey, the Lair of Lux Lucre has news for you.  You are extremely fucking hot and in our fake photos we show that you know it because of all the ways you show off your hidden slutty side. more…  Read More →

Anna Paquin fakes show the sexy truth behind her bisexual claims 4-9-11

Anna Paquin shocked a lot of people last year when she suddenly announced she was bisexual.  But no one was shocked here at the Lair of Lux Lucre because we’ve seen all the fakes that show what an insatiable slut Anna is and how much she loves to fuck men and women. more…  Read More →

Amanda Seyfried fakes reveal her big tits and her skills on the casting couch 4-8-11

One of the rising stars in Hollywood, Amanda Seyfried knows what it takes to become famous today and that means showing as much skin and being as big a slut as possible.  In these naughty fake photos she does all that and more. more…  Read More →

Penelope Cruz fake photos expose the deeply depraved side of this Oscar winning beauty 4-7-11

Penelope Cruz has always been one sexy Spanish spitfire, showing a lust and a wild enthusiasm for live and for love.  But with these raunchy fakes, today the Lair of Lux Lucre can finally show just how truly sexy and depraved this gorgeous beauty is. more…  Read More →

Jamie Lynn Sigler fakes reveal a girl with a serious cock addiction (not that this is bad) 4-6-11

Now that her days of being on The Sopranos are long over, maybe the next thing Jamie Lynn Sigler should do is get on one of those celebrity rehab shows because according to these fake photos of her, this girl has some serious addiction to cock! more…  Read More →

Lauren Graham fakes show why she is TV’s hottest MILF 4-5-11

Lauren Graham has made a career of playing hot, sexy MILFs on television and in these filthy, forbidden fakes it’s shown just how many people get to fuck this gorgeous TV mom. more…  Read More →
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