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Who needs a Saved by the Bell movie when you’ve got Elizabeth Berkley fake nude pictures here 9-13-14

So did anyone watch that unauthorized Saved By The Bell movie the other week on Lifetime? The one that was supposed to be all scandalous and make everyone look like jerks and sleazes while making it seem as though Screech of all people was the only good one in the bunch? Yeah us neither. We don’t need ...

We’re so excited for Saved by the Bell’s Elizabeth Berkley fake naked slutty pictures! 11-20-11

Remember when Showgirls came out and the world nearly exploded because Jessie from Saved By The Bell was playing a stripper who did full frontal nudity?  Well as it turned out the movie sucked (though we should have known that going in) but Elizabeth Berkley looked fantastic with her full frontal nudity.  ...
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