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The Mentalist’s Robin Tunney fake nude pictures shows how she can liven up a dull show 4-10-13

Ok we’re not exactly the target audience for The Mentalist around here. The CBS cop show about a brilliant detective who pretends to be a psychic is really more for people a little bit older than those of us who hang around the Lair of Lux Lucre. It’s a big ratings hit but it doesn’t really have ...

Robin Tunney is a prime time hottie in these naked fake photos 12-1-11

Ok, granted the people watching The Mentalist are not exactly young and hip.  That’s never been the audience CBS has gone for, anyway.  So yes, the show is a little slow and doesn’t have the action a lot of people seek.  But those who aren’t watching are missing out on the treat of weekly helpings ...
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