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Heather Graham fake nudes give a picture to our porn girl fantasies 6-22-12

Sometimes here in the Lair of Lux Lucre we like to think what could have been and ponder the great “what if” scenarios of the world.  One of those questions we like to ponder is, what would it have been like if Heather Graham had really been a porn star?  Sure it’s been a long time since she ...

Heather Graham starts off October right with fake nudes letting everyone see her ‘Golden Grahams’ 10-1-11

Heather Graham is our kind of girl.  She came to Hollywood from a super conservative family and was considered a “good girl.”  But then she got corrupted and started getting naked in movies and making out with girls.  We love Hollywood stories like that and that’s why she’s here in the Lair ...
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