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It’s back to England as Lux Lucre checks out sexy Rosamund Pike fake nude pictures! 4-21-13

And as we head back to America we’re going to leap back across the channel again and journey once more from France to England so we can scope out some more British babes before we hit American soil once again. That means hearing sexy accents, avoiding the god awful British food and being able to stare ...

It’s Oscar night and the Lair is celebrating with a party of its own for these Best Fake pictures of a nude Angelina Jolie! 2-26-12

Tonight’s the night when all the Hollywood glitz and glamour will be on display, but that sort of scene isn’t what interests Lux Lucre.  Oh no, he prefers simply hanging around his lair with the hottest celebrity babes in nothing but their gorgeous skin, showing off their sexy tits and asses and ...

Fake pics of double Oscar winner Hilary Swank reveal her as an award winning slut too 8-6-11

What does a hot woman with two Oscars get?  Anything she wants, especially if what she wants is sex and lots of it.  At least that’s what these fakes seem to say as we look at these thoroughly concocted images of Hilary Swank and see this two-time best actress showing that her real skills might lie ...
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