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Looking back, it’s clear from her fake nudes that Karen Gillan will always be the “companion” for us 4-13-13

When it comes to iconic shows like Doctor Who it’s already been proven quite conclusively this is a machine that will keep on chugging no matter who is at the helm. We’ve had some beautiful companions leave the Tardis and the producers don’t miss a beat with replacing them. Hell we’ve had many, ...

Fakes of Dr. Who’s Karen Gillan expose why this naughty, nude girl is such a great ‘companion’ 7-27-11

When we see these fakes of sci-fi icon Karen Gillan it’s easy to see why she’s one of the most popular companions in Dr. Who history.  And it’s also easy to see why the good Dr. flies around the universe with her in his Tardis.  Anyone who looks that good and that slutty naked is someone we would ...
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