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Goodbye Private Practice but hello to sexy, sutry Kate Walsh fake nudes! 2-6-13

The truth is that we’ve been a little preoccupied here in the Lair lately by some of our favorite shows ending. So we showed off some fake Tina Fey nudes to mark the sad end of 30 Rock and deep down we’ve been savoring every chance to get a look at a sexy Victoria Justice nude fake because we know ...

Kate Walsh nude fakes make us want to check out chick shows more often 12-26-11

Is it cliché to ask if anyone wants to play doctor with Kate Walsh?  Well we don’t care if it is because we’re going to do it anyway.  This sexy star of Private Practice on ABC can ask us to turn our heads and cough any day and we would certainly enjoy a thorough physical from this hot TV doctor.  ...

Slutty fakes of Aussie import Naomi Watts is one of the hottest things to ever hit these shores 8-30-11

Australia has brought us many great things over the years from Foster’s beer to Crocodile Dundee, but maybe nothing that has come from its wondrous shores is as memorable and as sexy as Naomi Watts.  This Oscar nominated beauty is now taking it all off and showing what a nasty MILF she can be in these ...
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