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Bad girl booty! We’ve got fakes of Kim Kardashian nude and very, very lewd! 2-13-13

Yesterday we talked about how much we love naughty bad girls who love to flaunt their bodies and court controversy. And since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and it’s all about being with the ones you love, how about we spread the love to some more bad girls? How about we give it out to these Kim Kardashian ...

Kim Kardashian fake nudes put the “ass” in “infamass” (see it’s a play on words…) 11-28-12

Is it wrong to call reality TV show star Kim Kardashian a whore? We don’t like to make inferences about people, especially women as hot as Kim with those huge tits and that big, beautiful booty of hers. But at the same time, for someone who lives as much of her life on camera as she does, showing ...

Think you’ve seen everything Kim Kardashian has to show? Think again! These nasty fake nudes will shock you! 5-10-12

Is there anything we HAVEN’T seen from the infamous Kim Kardashian?  This reality TV star seems to have broadcast every moment of her private life out there for the public to see.  She became famous after having a sex tape released.  She broadcast her wedding and she made her divorce part of her ...

Kim Kardashian fakes go further than even her sex tape does 3-22-11

When you get famous for making a sex tape and then attach yourself to every project you can find and show up all glamorous whenever you see the lights of a camera you wouldn’t think there’d be much more of Kim Kardashian to expose.  But you would be wrong. more…  Read More →
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