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These fake Kristin Kreuk pictures will turn anyone into a “beast” thanks to her extreme “beauty” 8-18-13

You know what one of the drawbacks of summer is? There aren’t many, but this is an important one. The one drawback is that it’s summer rerun season. No new episodes of our favorite TV shows. But as you see the nights starting to get shorter and the temperatures start to get a little cooler than it ...

‘Beauty’ is an understatement over how good these Kristin Kreuk fake nudes look! 11-18-12

Not that you needed any help or anything, but when we show you these sexy Kristin Kreuk nude fake pictures do you have to wonder which side of the equation she plays in the new CW reboot of the old supernatural romance show Beauty and the Beast?  Because this is no beast. She is all beauty and we show ...

Kristin Kreuk gets caught in the shower and more in her sluttiest fake photos 7-14-11

Before it ended its time on TV a few months back, Smallville was one of the most popular shows on the air.  And one of the reasons was for the sizzling sexy women in the cast.   And no one was sexier in the show than Kristin Kreuk.  She had the real super power on the show…the power of super hotness. ...
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