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There’s lots of good news for her these days but these Alexis Bledel fake nudes are great news for us 3-21-13

Everyone in the Lair of Lux Lucre is looking to celebrate tonight and it’s not because something good happens to us. After all it’s always a good day here when you’re surrounded by the very best in fake nude celebrity pictures. But rather we’re celebrating because of the good news for one of ...

Things are getting even hotter in the countdown as we hit #76 with these sexy Alexis Bledel fake nudes! 8-10-12

If you’re anything like us at the Lair of Lux Lucre then you enjoyed those many seasons of Gilmore Girls as a guilty pleasure.  And when we say guilty it’s not because the show was bad or embarrassing. Sure it was a chick show, but it was a good chick show. No we mean guilty because you watched ...

Lauren Graham is a MILF even if she’s not really quite qualified 5-27-12

We love to talk about MILFs on this website…you know, mother’s I’d like to fuck!  It’s a very rare breed where you not only have to be a mother, but still be hot enough to fuck and to be able to meet those two very specific criteria is not something a lot of women can achieve.  That’s why ...

Sweet, soulful Alexis Bledel flaunts her naughty side with some fake photos 6-29-11

Few women can mix adorable and sexy as well as Alexis Bledel and while that face of hers will always scream innocence, that body of hers is pure sex.  That’s the emphasis in today’s fake photos as we show off Alexis as a dirty little slut with the face of an angel. more…  Read More →

Lauren Graham fakes show why she is TV’s hottest MILF 4-5-11

Lauren Graham has made a career of playing hot, sexy MILFs on television and in these filthy, forbidden fakes it’s shown just how many people get to fuck this gorgeous TV mom. more…  Read More →
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