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Sexy Lea Michele fake nude pictures are the best reason to feel Glee! 11-15-12

Want a reason to allow yourself to be filled with that oh so special emotion we known as “Glee?”  Well as long as no one around here breaks into song…only Lux Lucre himself is allowed to do that in the Lair…we will tell you that the reason everyone should be extra happy today is that we’ve ...

The songs of Glee might not hold much allure, but the nasty fake nudes of its star Lea Michele sure do! 3-25-12

Speaking of music, how about some sexy singing from the cast of Glee?  What?  No?  You’d rather have your ears ripped off?  Ok then.  We’ll skip the singing today.  But how about instead we show you some very hot pictures from one of Glee’s sexiest stars.  We think that forgetting the singing ...

Dianna Agron naked fakes will make you squeal with ‘Glee’ 8-18-11

There’s a total misconception out there that Glee is a show that’s only for teenage girls, housewives who also like Twilight and gay men.  But that is a false belief.  Glee is also for people who love to stare at hot girls and dream about fucking them.  Case in point: the lovely blonde beauty ...

Glee’s Lea Michele fakes say she’s even better at fucking than she is at singing 5-23-11

Lea Michele is giving us plenty of reasons to feel a lot of ‘Glee’ this morning as the super sexy star of Fox’s massive musical hit drops the good girl virgin act she has on the show and gets naked and nasty in this collection of slutty fake photos. more…  Read More →
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