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What does the future hold for Leighton Meester? Hopefully a naked future like in these fake pictures 4-27-13

After a big job ends there’s plenty of time for rest and relaxation and recharge, three “R’s” that Lux Lucre himself believes very strongly in. But there’s also a point where you have to ask “What’s next?” What are you going to do with yourself now that the point that was your big break ...

Leighton Meester’s naughty nudes make her Gossip Girl’s sexy slut and also make her our babe #54! 9-1-12

It will be a sad day in the Lair of Lux Lucre this year when the final episode ever of Gossip Girl airs. No longer will we be able to get our weekly fixes of Blake Lively’s tits and Leighton Meester’s ass on our television set.  Fortunately we will have many other sources for this kind of delicious ...

Leighton Meester’s fake nudes are steamier than anything you see on Gossip Girl! 5-12-12

It’s been another wild season of sex and secrets on Gossip Girl, but what you’ve seen on TV is nothing compared to what we’ve got going on here in the Lair of Lux Lucre with its sexiest star.  These scorching hot Leighton Meester nude fake pictures show off what they wish they could show you every ...

Leighton Meester fake nudes make your XXX-mas fantasies cum true 12-25-11

Now usually we’re not the type to spread around unfounded rumors, but did you hear the latest about Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester?  Well apparently there’s a ton of scorching hot fake naked pictures out there where she’s exposing her amazing body and showing off what a complete whore she can ...

Leighton Meester fakes make the claim that she’s not just a slut on TV 3-31-11

Leighton Meester could never be accused of being a good girl.  After all she’s a scheming bitch on Gossip Girl.  She’s made a sex tape (allegedly).  And today we have some naughty, nude fakes of her for you all to enjoy. more…  Read More →
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