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Shania Twain exposes her nasty side in forbidden fake photos 5-18-11

Unlike other music stars that seem to live in front of the spotlight and will do anything, no matter how wild, to keep all eyes on them, Shania Twain has always been quiet and reserved. But they’ve always said it’s the quietest ones who can be the dirtiest, and these fakes of sexy Shania sure seem ...

Tightly wound and controlled no more, Katie Holmes fakes show her unleashed wild side 4-17-11

Have you ever heard of the phrase “When the cat’s away, the mice will play”?  Well in these fakes, Katie Holmes is one sexy little mouse and she’s definitely engaged in some raunchy playtime. more…  Read More →

Gwen Stefani rips off her shirt and more in naked celebrity fake photos 3-16-11

You would never think of Gwen Stefani as a slut.  This ska queen, lead singer of the legendary No Doubt, is supposed to be happily married with two kids at home.  But if you check out these slutty, sizzling hot fakes of her, you might get a very different idea about Gwen. more…  Read More →

Rose McGowan fakes show this pale skinned goddess in all her slutty glory 3-5-11

Here at the Lair of Lux Lucre, we take pride in bringing you the very best and very nastiest of hot celebrity fakes.  So what better way to kick things off than with the hottest shots of that sexy slut Rose McGowan? more…  Read More →

Laura Freddi Hardcore Lesbian Fuck Fakes

Laura Freddi is a gorgeous actress that starred in movies such as “I cesaroni” (1 episode, 2006), “Le ragazze di Miss Italia” (2002) and “Una donna per amico” (1998). In one fake nude celeb photo there are two of her. The sexy naked chicks are lying around on a soft white bed. They look and ...

Jodie Foster Nude Hardcore Actress Fakes

Jodie Foster is a beautiful brunette actress that starred in movies such as “The Brave One” (2007), “Panic Room” (2002), “The X Files” (1 episode, 1997) and “Nell” (1994). Jodie Foster was also Maggie Simpson in “The Simpsons” (1 episode, 2009). In one fake nude celeb photo, Jodie ...

Monica Cruz Hardcore Model Fake Photos

Monica Cruz was an actress in “Susurros” (2008). In the first nude fake celeb photo, she is posing with some shiny long black high-heeled boots on her sexy slender legs. She sure has some beautiful long black hair that falls down on her shoulders and back. She strokes through her hair with her sexy ...

Judy Landers Lesbian Nude Nipple Fakes

Judy Landers starred as an actress in movies such as “Circus Camp” (2006), “Dragon Fury” (1995), “The Huggabug Club” (1995), “Expert Weapon” (1993), “The Divine Enforcer” (1992), “Club Fed” (1990), “Out of This World” (1 episode, 1990) and “Dr. Alien” (1989). In one fake ...
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