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WWE fan favorite Lita checks in and checks out of her clothes as we show off her nude fakes as babe #96! 7-21-12

You know this coming Monday is a special one for fans of pro wrestling. It just so happens to be the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE’s flagship show.  And through those 1,000 episodes there have been some absolutely stunning women come through.  Today it just seems like the Divas keep getting ...

Stephanie McMahon fakes reveal the wild side of the Billion Dollar Princess 4-1-11

During the heyday of the Attitude Era on WWE programming, Stephanie McMahon was called a slut and a ho so many times that it was practically part of her name.  And after checking out these slutty, sleazy fakes of the “billion dollar princess”, we’re hard pressed to disagree with the assessment. ...
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