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#61 may look like a good girl, but we think there’s a naughty side to Carrie Underwood, especially when we see her fake nude pictures! 8-25-12

We love a woman who seems all nice and friendly and innocent on the outside but when the lights go off gets downright frisky, showing off a hidden side that would make a porn star blush. Now, for the record, we don’t know if these fake Carrie Underwood nude pictures are any kind of proof that this ...

Country crooner Martina McBride isn’t quite the loyal wife and mother she seems to be in all of these raunchy fake nudes! 3-6-12

When you’re talking about country music, you have to talk about Martina McBride.  With more awards than room in a trophy case and enough gold records to start the economy of a brand new country up, Martina is nothing less than a country music icon.  Now we have to admit that country music isn’t ...

Carrie Underwood goes hardcore country with her dirty fake photos 6-11-11

When she won American Idol, Carrie Underwood stole a lot of hearts.  She seemed like the All-American girl.  She was sweetness and sunshine and down home country heart.  But when she made her first hit song about the righteous rage of revenge against a cheating boyfriend she showed her dark side and ...
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