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Babe #95 is five by five and then some as we turn up the heat with Michelle Rodriguez nude fakes! 7-22-12

Things are certainly heating up as we continue the Lair of Lux Luce’s very naked exploration of the hottest 100 celebrity babes out there today as voted on by a panel of horny experts.  But we’re not just talking about things heating up with some absolutely stunning celebrity nudity thanks to some ...

Michelle Rodriguez fake nude pictures will have your attention ‘fast and furious’ 12-23-11

You don’t ever want to fuck with Michelle Rodriguez.  She has a look in her eye that says if she doesn’t like you, she will fuck you up…and not in a pleasant way at all.  But there’s another side to this Latina spitfire.  A side that seems like she’s starving for a hard, aggressive fuck ...
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