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Paris Hilton fake nude pictures make us remember this sexy brat in all her infamous glory 2-23-13

You know there was a time when we could proudly declare that we had Paris Hilton nude and suddenly the world would react like the planet itself had been knocked off its axis. Because Paris was once a hugely famous…or shall we say infamous…name and the idea of her sucking and fucking and being a nasty ...

Rich bitch Paris Hilton hasn’t been in the spotlight in a while and she bursts back in as only she can! 3-18-12

It’s been a good long while since we’ve had a Paris Hilton sex scandal. She’s even been kind of out of the spotlight lately.  What gives, Paris?  We miss you and your fame whoring ways.  Because no matter what you think of Paris and the whole concept of being famous for being famous, you have ...
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