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Bad news and good news for Rachel Bilson fans, her show is doomed but her fake nudes are hotter than ever 3-1-14

Well it doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of good news for Rachel Bilson’s Hart of Dixie but she shouldn’t despair too much. While it sure looks as though her show is going to be cancelled and won’t see a new season next fall, she sure has a lot of fans out there and whenever we show off her ...

People want to see Rachel Bilson naked and we can’t help but want to give it to them with these fake pictures! 12-14-12

There are some things we can’t get enough of here in the Lair of Lux Lucre. We like pizza. We like candy. We like a good, heartwarming Christmas special without too much schmaltz on top. We quite enjoy seeing our local sports teams play to high levels of achievement. And another thing we can’t get ...

Rachel Bilson is steaming up TV and coming in impressively in our countdown at #31! 9-24-12

To tell you the truth we can’t remember a single thing that happened last year on the comedy/drama on the CW called Hart of Dixie but in the Lair of Lux Lucre we watched every single episode.  So how do we explain that seeming paradox? Well look no further than these Rachel Bilson nude fakes and you ...

Sexy TV doctor Rachel Bilson’s nude fakes show that she’s the one who needs the physical exam 6-28-12

“The doctor is in…my pants.” Yes that may be a corny, lame joke, but it’s also a case of serious wish fulfillment that we think a lot of people will be having once they see these fake Rachel Bilson nude pictures.  She plays the hottest doctor on TV in the CW hit Hart of Dixie and we’d love ...

OC dream girl Rachel Bilson shocks us all with her nasty side in horny fake photos 6-5-11

When she was on The OC, Rachel Bilson played the girl that was too spoiled and too tight to ever truly be slutty.  She left the slutty stuff to Mischa Barton.  But in these fakes, it’s Rachel’s turn to get seriously slutty and look damn good doing it too. more…  Read More →
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