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We’re going north of the border for a girl we want to go south of the border with for these Rachel McAdams fake nudes! 1-12-12

Just the other day we were going through some files here in the Lair of Lux Lucre and preparing for the new year as we locked away the last of those 2012 celebrity nudes in the box and we realized something very important. It was important enough that Lux Lucre himself sat up and took notice when it ...

Rachel McAdams may be a ‘Mean Girl’ but she looks damn sexy being one in these wicked fake photos 5-28-11

Rachel McAdams first rose to fame playing the baddest of bad girl high school bitches in the comedy Mean Girls.  But it sure looks like that movie didn’t even touch the surface on how naughty Rachel can get. Instead these slutty fakes of this gorgeous girl make the claim of just how far she likes ...
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