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She plays by her own rules and we love it so things get steamy with Rihanna fake nudes 1-27-13

There is something absolutely inspiring about a woman who simply doesn’t give a fuck what other people think of her. She doesn’t ask for adulation. She doesn’t depend on being worshipped. And she will not stand for being judged by people throwing stones at glass houses. So when today in the Lair ...

Rihanna is #46 and we’re shocked she’s not higher, but happy to show off her naughty fake nudes! 9-9-12

Whenever she’s around, the paparazzi can’t help but go crazy trying to show off Rihanna and it’s no surprise. This sexy island girl turned American superstar is someone that demands the spotlight, both with her talent and her body. And what a body it is. Her firm tits and her tight ass are absolutely ...

Rihanna knows how to sizzle in her sexy photos, but Lux Lucre’s fake nudes take her beyond! 2-6-12

Rihanna is no shy little wallflower.  She’s always off flaunting her hot tits and her absolutely killer ass.  She’s walking around in tiny little bikinis on vacation and stripping down to miniscule thongs and bras while flaunting herself in slutty stockings during her concerts.  And that’s to ...

Rihanna is getting freaky and slutty in sizzlingly sexy fake photos 10-9-11

Rihanna always makes it so easy for us.  With her sexually liberated attitudes and provocative poses, it’s so simple to be able to take her hot body and turn it into a slutty fake that gets her naked and sexed up good.  But simple is good, especially when it involves a naughty and naked Rihanna. ...

Rihanna fakes show this singing siren’s sexy body 3-27-11

It’s not too long ago that nude photos were leaked onto the Internet that were supposed to be of Rihanna.  But it was never confirmed.  Fortunately there can be no doubt that Rihanna getting naked is the subject of these fine fakes we have today. more…  Read More →
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