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The bitch is back! Shannen Doherty is at her hottest and most naked in these wild fake pictures! 6-8-12

Is it ever good to be a bitch?  Well if you’re a sexy, naked bitch like Shannen Doherty is in this fake collection then it really is.  Because Shannen may have quite a reputation as hell in heels, leaving burned bridges wherever she goes, but none of that matters in the Lair of Lux Lucre where nothing ...

All hail the sexiest queen of pop! Britney Spears fake nudes are as hot and slutty as ever 9-23-11

Yesterday the Lair of Lux Lucre welcomed in a wannabe pop star so today we’re going to make sure you get the real thing and see her at her hottest and sluttiest.  There is only one Britney Spears.  Many have imitated, but no one has ever duplicated and when you get a look at how sexy she is in all ...

The bitch is back! Sexy Shannen Doherty fakes make quite an impression 7-22-11

As many already know, Shannen Doherty has a bit of a reputation.  In fact let’s not sugarcoat it. She’s supposed to be a real bitch!  But when get a chance to gawk at these sexy, slutty fakes, it’s clear she’s a sexy bitch and therefore most welcome at the Lair of Lux Lucre. more…  Read More →
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