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Sienna Miller’s comeback starts here in the Lair with her hot fake nude pictures 2-9-14

Lux Lucre happened to be doing some reading the other day and he happened across a most interesting article that basically pushed forward the question, “Whatever happened to Sienna Miller?” And that was actually a very good question. Sienna had been positioned as the next big thing and had been seemingly ...

Twilight’s Ashley Greene is finally exposed for the naked little slut we always dreamed she would be! 7-5-12

Even though we couldn’t be happier that later this year the last Twilight movie is coming out (until inevitably some studio executive decides to reboot it in a few years to keep the cash cow mooing), we have to admit that we’ll be sorry to see the series go without showing us first a proper Ashley ...

Ashley Greene fakes earn her some sexy punishment 9-13-11

Ashley Greene has been a very bad girl.  We don’t even need these fakes of her naked body to claim that.  But it always helps to have these lovely, fictional shots of how good she looks acting like a total whore. more…  Read More →
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