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Zoe Saldana nude fakes show off who the hottest Star Trek is at maximum warp! 5-18-13

No doubt there’s already an army of Trekkies lined up outside the local multiplex to get the chance to see the long awaited Star Trek Into Darkness, the sequel to the smash hit reimagining of Star Trek. And already we are enjoying one of the big changes in the new movies and that’s upping the babe ...

Lux Lucre’s European adventure continues as we check out Keira Knightley fake nude picture classics! 4-17-13

Well we had so much fun in the Lair jetting over to France yesterday to check out some seriously hot fake Sophie Marceau naked pictures that we decided to extend our little European vacation a little while longer and head on over the channel to England to check out one of our favorite British babes. ...

Body of Proof’s Jeri Ryan is a sci fi stunner in her fakest, naughtiest nude pictures 2-27-13

As everyone checks out these fake pictures of Jeri Ryan nude know that she is very famous for two things. First she is famous for being the iconic Seven of Nine on Star Trek Voyager and making the Borg sexy (mmmm all those wires and cybernetic organisms yeahhh) and then she is famous for being a big ...

Jeri Ryan’s fake nudes make Star Trek fan’s set their phasers to “cum” 3-16-12

It’s a name that makes science fiction fans almost immediately come in their pants and for good reason.  Sexy Jeri Ryan is not just a sci-fi nerd icon for her time as Seven of Nine on Star Trek Voyager, but she’s also one amazing piece of ass even out of her costume.  And you’d better believe ...

Jeri Ryan takes off her Starfleet uniform for nasty fakes of this Borg babe 4-29-11

Anyone want to be assimilated into Jeri Ryan’s collective of hotness?  These fakes of her sizzling naked body are the stuff Star Trek fans have been dreaming about for years. So for everyone who’s ever dreamed of fucking Seven of Nine, this day at the Lair of Lux Lucre is for you. more…  Read More →
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