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Naughty Tricia Helfer nude fake pictures show off why she’s always going to be one of sci-fi’s hottest! 11-2-12

We’ve said it before and we will say it again.  If indeed our future involves the human race being subjugated by impressive cyborgs that look and act just like humans we would be sort of ok with that.  There are two reasons for that. First, most of us wouldn’t survive the initial wave of the cyborg ...

Grace Park fake nudes should be the star of Hawaii Five-WHOA! 10-5-11

With a new season of Hawaii Five-O on CBS right now, we hope there will be plenty of scenes of sexy Grace Park showing off her bodacious body in hot bikinis and her sexy bra and panties.  But while that might be good enough for network TV, we shoot a little higher here at the Lair and that’s why we ...
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