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Ariana Grande nudes at #3 show just how hot our fake picture countdown is getting as we approach the end! 10-22-12

We can’t believe that we’re showing off number 3 today on our list of the hottest 100 celebrity babes in the world.  It seems like just yesterday we were starting off at number 100 but we’re here at #3 now and it’s been a wild 97 days to get here.  But things are going to get even wilder now.  ...

Once Upon A Time’s Jennifer Morrison comes in at #72 and her fake nude pictures are going to show you why! 8-14-12

Once upon a time there was an actress so sexy and had been the subject of so many naughty fake nude pictures that it was a matter of when, not if, she would be in the list of the 100 hottest female celebrities in the entire world.  And if you think that sounds like the beginning of a bedtime story, ...

#80 is a truly special one for all as we allow in some true royalty with these fake Kate Middleton nude pictures! 8-6-12

Everyone needs to stand at attention for just a moment because this is no mere entrant into our countdown of the hottest 100 celebrities in the world.  Oh no, this is a time when the Lair of Lux Lucre is visited by royalty. And this is no mere metaphor for a high up celebrity that we hold in high esteem. ...
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Are the Megan Fox rumors true? We don’t know, but we do know how scorching hot her nude fakes are 6-17-12

Is Megan Fox pregnant or not?  That’s the question on everyone’s lips these days.  While a few months back rumors were flying that she was with child, these days no one is quite sure what the heck is going on and that’s just the way Megan likes it.  She can be very cagy with the press, only ...

Naked fake pictures of Jessica Biel show she’s more than just an amazing ass 1-3-12

It’s easy to get fixated on Jessica Biel’s ass.  It really is a breathtaking piece of art.  It’s one of the hottest asses in all of Hollywood. It’s tight and firm but also round and juicy.  There’s not a single flaw with it that we can see.  But when you fixate only on her ass, you miss ...

Lacey Chabert exposes what a nasty girl she can be with her naughtiest nude fakes yet 12-10-11

Who’s ready for a big comeback from Lacey Chabert?  We haven’t seen much from this busty brunette in recent years but we hope that’s going to change soon because she has only gotten more beautiful.  In these fake nude pictures, we’ve got a hot Hollywood starlet who needs our attention and shows ...
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Britney Spears fakes show that this pop star slut is as hot as ever 3-7-11

Here at the Lair of Lux Lucre we love Britney Spears because this woman is so completely dedicated to being a whore that we always have the best fakes of her. more…  Read More →

Emma Watson fakes show just what this naughty girl has been up to at college 3-6-11

My oh my, check out what Emma Watson has been up to.  She’s not a little girl anymore and she’s definitely gone bad as these fakes show just what everyone’s favorite witch is up to now that she’s at college. more…  Read More →

Maira Bello Wet Pussy Fakes

The last time I saw Maria Bello getting her pussy ate I almost creamed in my pants! See her in these fakes spreading her pink fake pussy lips and showing off her round nude fake tits. These are the fake photos of Maria Bello that you have been searching the internet for. See her posing nude with rock ...

Gillian Anderson Hardcore Sex Fakes

Our fav redhead, Gillian Anderson amazes us with hardcore sex fakes today. We love Scully, and truly love this group of fucking fakes. Handjob, blowjob and doggy style sex from behind are all we ask of any star, and Gillian delivers here. more…  Read More →
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