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Zoe Saldana fake nude pictures give us a great view of a gorgeous woman 1-31-15

Everyone is focused on the Super Bowl this weekend and you’d better believe that we’ll be all watching the game here in the Lair but this weekend won’t just be about touchdowns and commercials. No, it’ll also be about hot Hollywood babes because there’s always a party going on in the Lair with ...

Zoe Saldana nude fakes show off who the hottest Star Trek is at maximum warp! 5-18-13

No doubt there’s already an army of Trekkies lined up outside the local multiplex to get the chance to see the long awaited Star Trek Into Darkness, the sequel to the smash hit reimagining of Star Trek. And already we are enjoying one of the big changes in the new movies and that’s upping the babe ...

No blue skin here. Zoe Saldana fakes reveal all of this luscious Latina 6-22-11

For those of you more familiar with Zoe Saldana from her work in the top grossing movie of all time, Avatar, then you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that she is neither an alien or blue.  In fact she’s all woman and looks amazing naked, as you’ll find out with these naughty fake photos ...
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