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We love being able to show off Minka Kelly fake nude pictures in the Lair! 3-7-15

MinkaKelly_bigA lot of times lately we’ve been featuring women who are in the media for some reason lately. Maybe they have a new movie coming out or a new season of their TV show or whatever. But the truth is we really don’t need a reason to show off these gorgeous fake nude celebrity pictures here in the Lair of Lux Lucre other than we love dreaming about the sexiest celebrities nude and baring their hot bodies as we see them in the horniest way possible. It’s so much fun to be able to invite people into the Lair to check out these hot bodies and you’d better believe we’re doing it as we show off these Minka Kelly fake nude pictures. (more…)

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Christina Aguilera is back on The Voice and Lux Lucre celebrates with her hottest fake nude pics! 2-28-15

ChristinaAguilera_bigAll seems to be right with the musical world now that Christina Aguilera is back on The Voice. Yes that show just doesn’t seem the same without Christina and her snark and her diva antics and, most of all, her big tits that she’s never afraid to show off. And you all know that showing off her huge tits is something that we do oh so well here at the Lair of Lux Lucre. But we’re not just stopping at her big breasts, not when there’s so much for us to show off in this whole collection of Christina Aguilera fake nude pictures we’ve got today! (more…)

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What’s Mila Kunis not wearing to the Oscars? Check it out in her fake nude pictures 2-21-15

MilaKunis_bigTomorrow night is the Oscars and you’d better believe that Lux Lucre and his whole crew will be checking out the action and seeing all those hot Hollywood starlets in their dresses while imagining them looking as good as they do in the fake nude celebrity pictures he has in his vast collection. But since this awards show represents what’s supposed to be the best in Hollywood it’s a shame that we won’t be seeing any representation from the latest would be blockbuster flop Jupiter Ascending. But we can see its sexy star looking very naughty in this collection of Mila Kunis fake nude pictures. (more…)

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Valentine’s Day is a fun day with fake pictures of Emma Watson nude 2-14-15

EmmaWatson_bigIt’s a day for love and what better way to show that love than to show off some sexy nude celebrities. Now that’s normally the attitude any day of the week here in the Lair of Lux Lucre but today it is especially so since today is Valentine’s Day and it’s time to show off just how much we love getting sexy celebrities naked. Indeed today is all about showing off just how much you care about the special someone in your life and when it comes to Lux Lucre there are so many women and so little time. So it’s hard to pick just one but the good news is that today is a great day to show off how much everyone loves Emma Watson fake nude pictures. (more…)

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Reese Witherspoon fake nude pictures will make you go ‘Wild’ 2-7-15

ReeseWitherspoon_bigIf you’ve been the Lair of Lux Lucre before you’ll know that Lux loves the movies. He’s a guy who loves going out and checking out the latest flicks especially if they have hot celebrities in them. And this is a time to focus on really well done motion pictures because the Oscars are in a few short weeks and that means we can look at women who are not only extremely talented but extremely good looking as well and that’s why it makes so much sense for the Lair to have these Reese Witherspoon fake nude pictures here on display today. She’s up for an Oscar but she’s already showing off aware winning sexiness. (more…)

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Zoe Saldana fake nude pictures give us a great view of a gorgeous woman 1-31-15

ZoeSaldana_bigEveryone is focused on the Super Bowl this weekend and you’d better believe that we’ll be all watching the game here in the Lair but this weekend won’t just be about touchdowns and commercials. No, it’ll also be about hot Hollywood babes because there’s always a party going on in the Lair with the hottest fake nude celebrity pictures that you can find. And while we don’t know if she’s rooting for the Patriots or the Seahawks or if she’s even watching the game we sure know that we’d love to spend some serious time with these Zoe Saldana fake nude pictures. She looks so good in these fakes, showing off the kind of hot body that we love to see exposed. (more…)

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Sexy MILF to be Jennifer Love Hewitt shows off nude fakes in our hottest show yet! 1-24-15

JenniferLoveHewitt_bigIf you’re a regular visitor then you no doubt know that we love to party here at the Lair of Lux Lucre. But if this is your first time here, welcome. We love to party and we love to have you party with us so come on in because our parties are the best because we have the sexiest fake nude celebrity pictures we can find. And we never need an excuse to party with these hot celebrity babes on display. But we’ll find a reason anyway and wouldn’t you know it we’ve got a great one and it involves these fake Jennifer Love Hewitt nude pictures because she is expecting a baby and that’s a blessed event for us…and for her. (more…)

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Kaley Cuoco fake nude pictures are way better than The Wedding Ringer ever could be 1-17-15

KaleyCuoco_bigOk here’s the simple truth. There’s really nothing that’s going to make Lux Lucre or anyone here in the Lair go and see The Wedding Ringer this weekend. Sure we have no doubt that Kevin Hart and Josh Gad are talented. After all they’re award winners who have been quite successful in the past but this movie looks just about God awful. There’s really no way we can even conceive of ourselves seeing it unless what we see in these Kaley Cuoco fake nude pictures is what we get in the movie. But we don’t think that’s going to happen. So instead of heading off to the movies people should come here instead to see Kaley naked right here in the Lair. (more…)

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Tina Fey is showing her skills at the Golden Globes and we’re showing more off in her fake nude pictures! 1-10-15

TinaFey_bigFunny can be really sexy. Now we don’t mean that about comics the likes of which are Patton Oswalt and Jim Gaffigan. Talented as they are, we have to admit that they don’t quite do it for us from a sexual point of view. But when it comes to these Tina Fey fake nude pictures oh boy does that do it for us big time. She looks absolutely amazing in these fake pictures, showing off that tight, sexy body of hers and making it clear as talented as she is from a comedic point of view she’s even better when it comes to her being hot and naughty! (more…)

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Katy Perry kicks off 2015 just right with lots of her hottest fake nude pictures 1-3-15

KatyPerry_bigIt’s 2015! Can you believe it! It hardly seems possible because it feels to us that it was just turning into 2014 but time flies when you’re having fun and it’s always fun here in the Lair of Lux Lucre. Because what could be more fun than checking out the hottest, sexiest female celebrities nude? No other pastime could possibly compete with all the hot tits and ass we’ve got to show here in the naughtiest fake nude celebrity pictures that there are and speaking of big tits boy do we have some here today as we kick off the new year in style with Katy Perry fake nude pictures! (more…)

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